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[08 Sep 2005|10:51pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i got a job workin at tim horton's. been workin there bout 3 weeks. thats probably the best thing thats happened. my homies George, David, Aaron, & Mike all got jobs after i did. we're all workin the same shift too. so its obviously the shit.

i cant wait till October, its gonna be the shit & here's why...
1-my birthday's on the 13th, i'll be 20
2-goin to see Twiztid on the 15th
3-goin to a halloween themed rave on the 22nd
4-goin to Hallowicked on the 29th.

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murder my male parental unit [03 Aug 2005|07:33pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I'M GONNA FUCKIN KILL MY DAD!! my parents told me i had till the end of next week to get a job, which i was fine with.

heres the part that got on my nerves: my dad said i cant leave unless i'm lookin for applications, i have to get 2 of em- 1 to fill out & 1 to give to him to verify i was actually there.

heres the part that aggrivated me: i got my speedway app., filled it out, & told him i was gonna go turn it in & come right back. HE FUCKIN SAID NO!! he tried to say i was just tryin to get out the house. i bitched back, then my mom said she'd take me.

heres the part that pissed me the fuck off: while me & my mom were talkin i hear my dad say, "i dont care, if he gets loud & raises his voice again i'm gonna bodyslam him." his words exactly. what pissed me off the most is that my mom says nothin to that. she said NOTHING!! didnt even try to defend me, her own son, her own flesh & fuckin blood. he's not even my real dad by the way. he always talks shit about me, disrespects me, threatens me, & my mom never stands up for me. if he tries to fuckin hit me or slam he better get ready to get stabbed & beaten with a baseball bat.

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[21 Jul 2005|03:47pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

my dad's bout to kick me out over some bullshit.

background- my moms in TX till saturday & my dad was workin all day yesterday. they said no one can stay the night. my parents have a huge water jug full of change.

story- my dude 40 rode his back for an hour to gahanna from reynoldsburg. i let him stay the night cuz he didnt have nowhere else to go. my dude brad stayed 2 cuz he was locked out his house. i had to move the change jug to get some shit from behind it. my dad came home at 8:30am & kicked them out. then said that either me or them took shit out the change jug cuz the change was moved around inside. so he pretty told me that i gotta get out. i aint got nowhere to go. aint that a bitch

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updates [01 Jul 2005|06:15am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

this pass month seemed like nothin but fuckin drama. me, b-rad, & anthony ended up fuedin with jakob & mindy over some bullshit. mindy minipulated his mind & changed him completely into a lil bitch. here's the story...
me & anthony were lookin for my cds in his car at like 3am and he comes around another building & sees us. he leaves his windows down and car doors unlocked, as well as the doors to his apartment. what we're wonderin though is, where was he from at least 1:30am to 3am. b-rad told us the doors were unlocked, he wasnt there, & mindy was asleep & the bedroom door was wide open when he went to get his stuff to stay at anthony's. next day he accuses us of breakin in & stealin his xbox & all the games. anthony has his own xbox & me and brad dont have one nor do we care to. he tried to get loud with anthony but anthony got in his face punked him like a lil bitch (oh yeah he didnt call the cops when he even first noticed it missin) hours pass by. me & brad go towards the apt to make sure jakob aint tryin to throw brads shit out. who do we see? jakob & HIS FUCKIN PARENTS. yes, he called his fuckin parents, but still not the cops. his stepmom says shes friends with a couple cops & attorneys & says some other shit. then they leave so she can get these cops. so me & brad wait on anthony's porch, cops never fuckin showed. since then i've not talked to either of them, but here's the most fucked up part. they feed my friends zak & eliza a bunch of bullshit sayin we did it or had someone else do it. eliza doesnt believe cuz she knows we aint gon do dumb shit like that. zak, who i thought wouldnt either, DOES! he told eliza he didnt want nothin to do with us. zak's been my homie for almost 5 years now. THAT FUCKIN PUSSY WHIPPED BITCH ASS JAKOB TURNED MY FRIEND AGAINST ME!!! it didnt even piss me off that much that zak believed him, it hurt more than anything. i tried to call zak, he hangs up as soon as i say hello. in conclusion of this craziness now that i've explained to most recent events FUCK JAKOB & FUCK MINDY. a bigger fuck u to mindy though cuz she changed my friend & made him like this. here's a funny ass ending twist though... A DAY OR TWO LATER THEY BROKE UP!!!
this all happend bout a week ago.

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[03 Apr 2005|12:58pm]
[ mood | chill mode ]

i got a job at workin at the Victoria Secret warehouse part of the Limited. i get discounts on so much sweet shit. only problem is i'm workin 7am-3:30pm, which means i wont get 2 see Suzi on her lunch. why is it that whenever somethin good happens 2 me, i must sacrifice something else? thats all i gotta say bout that.

i did acid for the first time, that was fun as fuck. i was fuckin beemin hardcore. i'm gonna try truffles pretty soon too.

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turning point [23 Mar 2005|01:59am]
[ mood | so much to think about ]

my parents gave me 2 more weeks to find a job or i'm goin to west virginia wit my real dad. only problem is i'd be leavin my friends. me & b-rad were thinkin of just goin down there anyway. he just lost his job, so he dont got a reason to stay here. it'll give us a chance to kinda start over. i just hate that if i do this then i gotta leave suzi & i dont want that. my homies lindsay & paul got kicked out their places so they're goin to dayton at like 7 am. jesus is goin to NY for 2 weeks for a concert & party. he might go with me & b-rad to WV when he gets back too. we all have life changing decisions to make & they all come on the same day & we're all in the same apartment & we're all super close friends...

so much to think about...

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[15 Mar 2005|12:58am]
[ mood | i miss my homies ]

aint updated in forever. went to a rave in december in columbus, another in february in dayton, & one saturday in clevelend. got all fucked up at all 3. me & my homies went thru some tough times together. me & my brother B-Rad got our homies C Kal & Paul into raving. we called it "from thugs to ravers in just one night." a shitload of drama has happened as well as sad times. my homie Tom killed himself- Rest In Peace. now on top of all that shit i'm back at my parents cuz i got laid off & couldnt keep up wit rent at my homies apartment. cant go into mad details cuz i just dont feel like it. i just got to my parents & i already miss my homies, better yet my family. i love you guys

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why...? [30 Dec 2004|07:40pm]
[ mood | depressed as fuck ]

my girlfriend's parents are tryin to lock me up

why are they tryin to take my love away from me?

why are they tryin to lock me up when i did nothing wrong?

why cant they just accept me, they real me, not who they think i am?


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[13 Dec 2004|04:33am]
[ mood | bored & tired ]

i got a cell phone now, so people can locate me for a change.

suzi's mom came up to The Box again, but this time she stayed in her car & made Suzi go inside the school for the rest of her lunch. she actually sat there & watched her go inside. it pisses me off so much that her parents wont take the time to actually talk to me & get to know the real me... not who they think i am. its kinda awkward not havin my girlfriend's parents hate me, thats never happened to me before...

R.I.P Dimebag, your soul will live on through your music.

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[06 Dec 2004|12:43am]

i aint updated in a while so... here goes... work is good, but boring...got my first check which was $200.60...bought a 1/2 ounce, icp wallet, big money hustlas shirt, & my Hatchetman tattoo, & a bunch of other shit.

suzi's mom bitched me out...called me "a low-life son of a bitch messin around with a 16 year old". apparently her parents think i'm a drug dealer cuz she went home high one night & i was with her, but i didnt give her any weed, i dont where she got it from. then they think i'm only with her to have sex with her, which is completely untrue & i'm definitely not that kinda person. i wanna sit down & talk with them about that, but i doubt it'll happen. oh yeah....her dads a cop & like a 3rd degree black belt.

other than that nothins really happened. i'm writin a song about me & suzi, kinda like a twiztid love song inspired by "In My Room" & "Cemetery Girl" by ICP.

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SHE SAID YES!!! [21 Nov 2004|11:21pm]
[ mood | Happy as fuck ]

YAY SHE SAID YES!!! here's the poem i wrote for her.

A Vampire's Admiration

The stars in the sky are the beauty of the night
You are the beauty that i found in the daylight
When i see you sparks rain over my dark side
All the pain disappears that i hold deep inside
The cravings are gone
The bloodlust withdrawn
My heart is alive, my soul is revived
Though the Earth continues its eternal rotation
It seemed to stop when you became...
A Vampire's Admiration

I'm so fuckin happy!!!

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[16 Nov 2004|12:33am]
[ mood | i hope she says yes ]

havent updated in a while so figured i should.
nuthin much has happened, but there is a girl at the high school that i like. her name is Suzi & in my eyes she's beautiful. she a goth/rock girl & that adds to my admiration. so...yeah i want her to be my girl. i'm gonna try & ask her tomorrow (well technically today cuz its after midnight) & hope she says yes. thats been the highlight since my last update.

other news, my homie Doug found a Hatchetman charm outside his job at Easton, so he gave it to me. i got drunk as fuck like 3 days ago at Jakobs house. there were like 8 people there & we each had a 40 to ourselves as well as like 2 extra. and... uh... thats about it. so until next time...

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come back to me my brother [09 Nov 2004|01:58am]
[ mood | mourning for my brother ]

It's not everyday I get to sit around and chat, Sit down and think maybe even talk about, that shit just drives me crazy, Fuckin' me up. I'm outta luck like a slut with nobody to fuck, Somebody talk to me, hear me out, lend me an ear, Before I lose it on society and do it so Violently Fearer of fear, hands sweaty, losin' my breath, I'm sittin' with death, somebody sittin' on my chest, Best remedy's revenge on people who wouldn't listen, Cheeks glisten cuz I'm cryin', my vision is so violent, Didn't worry cuz I'm losin' it. Abusin' anybody that's confusin this with lyin or me tryin to get attention, Sention on my mind, all I think about is dyin, In spite of me livin in Hell, breakin me down, Outta touch with reality, fuck it I'm out, Everybody in this muthafuckas hearin me now,

I don't wanna lose you, but I lost you! I Cant Remeber your face Never gonna let go, never gonna back down No One Can take your place Why did you leave? Where did you go? I dont know, why did you just go away And Leave me here with All this pain and animosity?

I'm so lost without my loved ones can't seem to let go. Why do I keep breathin? Does God want me to die slow? On the edge I stand lookin at the past on wondering how long I'm aloud to carry on so many left that was just to close. At times I feel all alone and I just can’t cope. Why did they have to go? Why did they have to leave? If its not family then its the homies from the streets. My minds set not to take that shit, but I gotta stay strong for the sake of my kids. How close does the soul gotta get to make you want to slit your wrist after they heart quits? Its so hard to you lose in life but even harder to recover, specially when memories start to smother, you cant run so just take that pain, cause I'ma always gonna hold on to your name rememberin....

I don't wanna lose you, but I lost you! I Cant Remeber your face Never gonna let go, never gonna back down No One Can take your place Why did you leave, Where did you go? I dont know, why did you just go away And Leave me here with All this pain and animosity?

It's everyday that the anger seems to be killing me off, It's kinda nice to have a chance to talk, or rather have you, listen to me, You always listen to me no matter what state of mind I appear to be visiting, you were there for me Even when I said I was outta my mind, You were the one that said give it some time, And I would find I could put the pieces back together again, you were the one that trusted me till the end, I cant pretend that I never had faith in you, I was only afraid, I knew what was going on, but didn’t know what to say I was so young, feeling like my soul was torn, coming to grips with the fact you ain't comin home no more, All this madness, and all this pain, Made something break inside brain, and all this hate, and all this time, Made me reline my mind and I find that...

I don't wanna lose you, but I lost you! I Cant Remeber your face Never gonna let go, never gonna back down No One Can take your place Why did you leave? Where did you go? I dont know, why did you just go away And Leave me here with All this pain and animosity?

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MY WALK INTO THE DARKNESS [01 Nov 2004|05:07pm]
[ mood | sad as fuck ]

sorry, i had to get that out. anyway, i went with like over 15 other homies. we all met at Wendy's on S. High St. which was funny as fuck cuz almost all of us were painted up. some dude from England started takin our picture for this newspaper in England (Hell Yeah!). i wore my clown suit with blood all over it, & designed my own facepaint as well as a couple for my homies. every performance was fresh as fuck.

ABK did my fav. song by him, "2 Whom This May Concern". i had tears rollin down my face during that cuz i dedicated that song to my homies. i leave for the Navy in a week from today, & i'm gonna miss all of them.

ICP's set was the fuckin shit! it was indescribably fresh! they did the most wickedest of wicked songs!

i almost backed out of the Navy today, i actually signed to leave. then my recruiter told me what would happen if i did, that changed my mind quick as fuck. so i'm gonna go & see whats gonna happen.

"I'm writin this as if it was my last, thank you for the memories & times we had. 2 whom this may concern, remember me as if i never went away because I'll see you all another day. 2 whom this may concern."

2 Whom This Concerns- Mindy, Jakob, Brad, Zak, Eliza, David, Tiny, Joker, Doug, Sarah, Shane, Wooky, David, Jimmy, Brittany, all my homies at GLHS, & all my homies on LJ.

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OH SHIT ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! [17 Oct 2004|12:25pm]
[ mood | awake ]

well my birthday was the 13th & i've been partyin from then to now. my homie Mindy got me a fresh as nini samurai sword, thanx General. Jakob got me an 8th of shrooms, that was fun as hell, i stayed up till 6:30 am dancin around wit glowsticks. Zak & Eliza payed for my Hell's Pit ticket for me, & my mom gave me $80 which was gone the same day. i bought a psychopathic records shirt & a hat w/ a Hatchetman & ICP on the bill. my juggalo homie 40 made a shirt that said "Happy Birthday Loc-Dog, from a real Juggalo" & wore it all around school, i thought that was fresh as fuck. so, needless to say the last few days have been full of intoxication.

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[12 Oct 2004|08:41am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

well... its been awhile since i updated so hear we go.
I finally got my hair braided, my little homie Mindy did it. she was tellin me that she's been readin about me feelin so alone. we talked a little bit more while she was braiding me up. she made me realize that i dont have to feel alone as long as i got my friends. thanx Mindy, I love you to death!

TOMORROWS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! my homie Jakob said he'd get me a quarter of "pizza toppings" & its gonna be oh so fun!!

my great-grandmothers in the hospital with pneumonia, which is depressing cuz i dont know how much longer she'll live, but i'm keepin my head up.

my juggalo homie Chris' party got busted by the cops which sucked ass. they arrested like 5 people that night. when they came in there was a little bong sittin on the table, & on top of that he had plants growin in his closet.
thats bout it, so i wanna thank my homies for bein there for me: Mindy, Jakob, B-Rad, Tiny, David, Danielle, Zak, Eliza, anybody else i forgot...my bad. I love all you guys & i'm gonna miss you when i'm gone.

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why do i always feel so alone? [05 Oct 2004|10:58am]
[ mood | so alone ]

I let myself fall into a lie
I let my walls come down
I let myself smile and feel alive
I let my walls come down
No matter how i try i don't know why
You push so far away
You wrapped your hands tight around my heart
And squeezed it full of pain

With this knife i'll cut out the part of me
The part that cares for you
With this knife i'll cut out the heart of me
The heart that cares for you

I can't believe the way you took me down
I never saw the pain
Coming in a million broken miles
Like poison for my veins


The hate and the fear
The nightmares that wake me up
In tears
The nightmares and (the hate)...

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[02 Oct 2004|02:09pm]
[ mood | i'm so alone ]

There ain't nobody, asking me, I've been There ain't nobody, that would name me, as a friend
There ain't nobody, that's dropping by, to say hi There ain't nobody, that's caring whether I
Live or die I have nobody, to tell about, my growing angers I have nobody, to tell about me,
Following strangers There ain't nobody, making sure I'm takin all of my pills There ain't nobody,
Slowing me down and keeping me still,
I'm truly alone...
They say a man can only be alone for so long, before the man's mind is gone. They say a man can
Only be alone for so long, before the man's mind is gone.

Everyday I die
(Back to the start, another try)
I got the time so why should't I?
(I got too much time on my hands)

(i cant ignore you)
In my room
(do anything for you)
(i do adore you)
In My Room...
You and I

On the day when the wagon's come I just pray that you let me on

I'll forever love you, even if you're doomed
We'll always be together cuz we're both under the moon

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[02 Oct 2004|02:05pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

What You Don't Know About Your Friends by Oblina
Favourite Color
Lucky Number
The Whorefuckmyoldself
The Mob Bosssomber_portrait
The Cry-Babyxximmortal_kiss
The Freakfreekgurrl
The Backstabberkittycat151
How Many Of Your Friends Secretly Hate You?14
How Many Think Youre Sexy?10
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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weekend update [27 Sep 2004|03:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i dont remember friday.
saturday- me, mindy, david, jakob, & tiny went to Outland. somebody got shot near there like a few days before. their closin soon, that might have been the last day, it sucks ass man, i love that place. it was jakob's first time & we convinced him to get beat by spyder. tiny got electricuted. i was dancin like 98% of the time. but we had to leave early cuz mindy got busted for underaged drinkin, but it was alright.

sunday- chilled at Jakob's, dont remember much of that either.

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